Pattern Review: Tied Knots Hat

Last month I stumbled upon Justyna Lorkowska’s Tied Knots hat pattern and knew I had to make one. There is just nothing I love more than a cabled hat and I really don’t know why I don’t knit more of them.

The Tied Knots hat is a beautiful cabled hat knit in DK weight yarn and is avaliable for free on Ravelry. The pattern is very well loved with over 1,000 Ravelry projects. I thoroughly enjoyed knitting this hat. I actually loved this hat so much that I imediately cast on a second.

Edit: I have since knit a third Tied Knots Hat but since it was knit as a gift I will not be posting about the yarn details.

The Pattern

What I Loved

This pattern is short, as a hat pattern should be, but still contains all of the necessary information to complete this project with ease. I have come accorss many patterns that sacrifice clarity for the sake of keeping a pattern short and I have also seen patterns that are basically a novel and I think both of those pattern writting styles are a problem. First, a knitter should not have to rely on previous knitting experience to complete a pattern, unless it is clearly labled as a recipee. On the other hand if you add too much detail important information can get lost in long blocks of text. Justyna’s pattern was concise, meaning that it had all of the necessary detail you would expect from a professional pattern without any fluff.

Tied Knots is avaliable as a free Ravelry download but is still a polished professional pattern. The photos are great and the pattern is beautifully formated, which is not alwasy the case with free patterns. That’s not to say that patterns without a pretty layout are inherintly bad but a pretty pattern is always a bonus.

In the same vein, this pattern is also error free. It was at the very least very well tech edited and based on the pattern quality I would guess that the pattern was also test knit. I did not see any errors in the pattern. I also did not find any mention of errata or errors in previous versions of the pattern, meaning that this pattern was polished and error free from the get go.

What I didn’t Love

This pattern only comes in one size. I have an average sized female head so my hat fit well but if you want to knit this hat for a child or you have a larger head you will need to play around with gauge and or stitch count to alter the size.

The cable pattern has both charted and written instructions but the pattern does not indicate that the written instructions correspond to the charted pattern. I am familiar with cable knitting so I knew to expect both written and charted instructions. I can also read both written and charted instructions so I was able to verify that the two were identical. I bring this up because a new knitter may not be familiar with pattern writting conventions regarding charted patterns and the lack of clarity here may cause some confusion.

Difficulty Rating/ Recomondations

I would rate this pattern as advanced beginer. The cable stitches are pretty simple as far as cables are concerned and I think that this could definetly be tackled as a first cabled project.

I would recomend this pattern to any confident beginer. I would not recomend knitting this as your first hat pattern if you don’t have experience with cables. I think this pattern would be a great first exposure to either hat knitting or cable knittin but not both.

My Twisted Knots Hats

Yarn Choice

As I said, I made two of these hats. The first was made out of Knit Pick’s Palette held double. Palette is a 100%Peruvian Highland wool fingering wieight yarn. I used the Marble Heather colorway and I used approxomately 356 yards or 77 grams.

I like the way this yarn looks knit up but the knitting process was not great. Knit Pick’s Palette is loosely plied and very easy to split. I was working with two strands, which only made the spliting problem worse. I love the finished hat but I would deffinetly not use Pallette double stranded again.

I knit my second hat out of Morningside Road Fiber*. The yarn was a DK weight 45/45/10 baby alpaca, merino, silk blend in the Rose Wood colorway. Working with this yarn was fantastic. The yarn did not split easily and the yarn was very smoth and knit up very quickly. I would absolutely use this yarn for a similar project.

*As far as I can tell this dyer does not have an online shop. I bought the yarn at an LYS while I was in Texas. 


I got gauge with the needle size recomended in the pattern. I used my Hiya Hiya Sharp interchanables. Since I cable without a cable needle having sharp needle tips is really important for picking up stitches.


I made very few modifications to this pattern. Like I said, this pattern is amazing just the way it is so I didn’t need to make any adjustments. The two things I did change stem from personal preference and convience.

On both hats I used psso decreases instead of ssk decreases. This is just my personal preference and doesn’t have an impact on the look or function of the finished product.

On the second hat I used a US 4 (3.5mm) needle for the ribbing instead of the US 3 (3.25 mm) called for in the pattern. I bought this yarn while we were in Texas for a wedding and I didn’t have my US 3 needle with me so I just made do with what I had on hand. The ribbing is a little bit looser on my second hat but it doesn’t look bad and the fit is fine.


The Tied Knots hat is a great pattern suitable for advanced beginners. The pattern was truely a joy to knit and has a timeless style, sure to be loved by all of the knitworthy people in your life.