Yarn Love: Bluefaced Leicester

I actually ended up with a skein of Bluefaced Leicester (BFL) sock yarn by chance. Molly from a Homespun House was doing a Christmas at Hogwarts sock yarn club and of course I needed to sign up. The club was dyed up on several of her bases and so I ended up with a skein of her BFL sock yarn.

At first I was a little disappointed that I ended up with BFL instead of merino. I was worried my socks wouldn’t be soft and cozy and that they would not work up the way I wanted. But I was so wrong.


It’s safe to say that I am a BFL convert. BFL / Nylon is by far my favorite yarn base for my socks. It holds up much better than my merino sock (much less pilling) and I didn’t have to sacrifice softness to get a sturdier sock. Plus in my experience, your mileage may vary, my BFL socks retain their shape and don’t stretch out the way my merino socks do.


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