Hi everyone! I have just finished putting together my new sock design and I am looking for test knitters! Please shoot me and email at myrabeth.heitman@gmail.com if you are interested.

Holly Socks

The pattern is a cuff down basic cable pattern. I am having the pattern edited so please do not worry about spelling mistakes but I would really appreciate feedback on the clarity of the pattern. Please let me know if there is something in the pattern that you do not understand or think could be said more clearly.
The deadline for the test knit will be two weeks from the point I have all the test knitters I need. Although, I would like to have this pattern up by the end of January. You only need to complete one sock for the test knit. You would also need to create a Ravelry project page for the socks and link it to the pattern page once it is published.

As I am a new designer and this is my first paid pattern that I will be publishing I do not have any other patterns to give as compensation. I have a hat pattern and a mitten pattern in the works that I would be happy to gift to you once that are published, which I expect to be some time in February or early March. You will of course receive a copy of the finalized Holly Socks pattern.

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