Christmas Knitting without the Stress

I think everyone has big dreams of showering their family members with gorgeous hand knit items for Christmas or at least I do. At face value it’s not such a bad idea; I love to knit and my family loves hand knit socks. So hand knit Christmas socks seems like a win for everyone.

Last I checked I had knit 15 pairs of socks this year, in addition to many other non-sock items. So it is not at all unreasonable to think I can knit socks for my entire family before Christmas. But holiday knitting can and is stressful. I am working under a deadline, which is usually not the case and I am knitting almost exclusively for other people, which is also usually not the case. I love knitting things for my family but at the same time knitting is my hobby and I don’t want to stress over it.

I have come up with a few methods to make gift knitting more enjoyable for me without sacrificing quality.

1) Start Early

If you start your Christmas knitting in December you will not finish everything in time and you will be stressed. This year I started knitting Christmas gifts in mid September so I could get everything done without being rushed.

2) Make a Plan

You need to know going into the holiday season what you are going to knit and who it’s for. So I sat down one night and searched Pinterest and Ravelry until I found the perfect patterns for my family members.

3) Be Realistic

I don’t know you, maybe you are a knitting ninja, but I certainly can’t knit my entire family sweaters. It is too time consuming and too expensive for that matter. It is important that you chose realistic items for your Christmas knits. If you’ve never knit a sock before than knitting your whole family a pair of socks is probably not a realistic idea.

4) Have All of Your Supplies Ready to Go

It is impossible to move from one project to the next if you don’t have the necessary tools at your disposal. So order all of the yarn you will need for Christmas in one go if you can. Then when things arrive wind up your yarn and organize it so it is ready to go when you need it.

5) Remember your Family Loves You

Your family loves your regardless of whether you knit their Christmas gifts. So if you just don’t have the time or the energy to knit you family gifts this year that is okay. Just because you are a knitter doesn’t mean that every gift you give has to be hand made. And if you get half way through your Christmas knitting and realize for whatever reason you can’t finish everything that is okay. Your family’s love for you is in no way contingent on their Christmas gifts.


What are your tips and tricks for knitting Christmas gifts? Let me know in the comments below!

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