Why I hate Addi Turbos

As I am typing this post I can hear my mother’s voice  warning, ‘hate is a strong word Myra.’ And she is right, while I have strong negative feelings about addi turbos, I don’t hate them, I strongly dislike them.  On top of being more expensive than other well liked brands such as Hiya-Hiya and ChiaoGoo, Addi Turbos just aren’t that nice. I have four reason why Addi’s just don’t stack up.

Why I Hate Addi Turbos

  1. The Dull Tips
  2. The Kinky Cord
  3. The Sticky Needles
  4. The Weird Sizing

So first off, the tips of Addi’s normal turbo line are super dull. They are let your baby play with them dull. (In case you missed it that was a joke! Letting you baby play with knitting needle is not a good idea. The cord could be a hazard and you should only let your baby play with age appropriate toys) The dull tips make it difficult to insert your needle without spiting the yarn and any sort of cabling or lace patter would be darn near impossible with these needles.

I really like to glide easily from stitch to stitch and with my addis every stitch is a struggle. I just don’t want my knitting to be a power play.

While the dull tip issue might not be a problem with some of Addi’s other lines like their Sock Rockets the next three problems do carry over to their Sock Rocket line. I cannot speak to some of Addi’s other needle types, like the lace needles because I haven’t used them.

The cord is super kinky, and not in a good way. It seems like all my addis came with kinked cords. The kink in the cords make the needles unruly and make it difficult to knit in magic loop. One of my favorite things about my ChiaoGoos is that I never have to worry about the cord getting a kink in it.

And on top of the dull tips and the kinky cord the needles are sticky!!!! It’s just gross. It feels like your knitting with a sticky note, which is just not the knitting experience I desire. The stickiness dose lessen over time but so far it has not completely gone away. Plus, the sticky feeling stays on my hands even after I my knitting down.

My final issue with the Addi needles is the sizing. For their smaller needles Addi does something funny. The call their 2.5o mm needle US size 1 and they call their 3.00 mm needles US size 2. The problem with this is that those sizes are not correct! A US size 1 is 2.25 mm and a 2.50mm is a US 1.5. If you think I making a mountain out of a mole hill, try knitting half a sock on a 2.25 mm and the other half on a 2.50 mm.

All in all, Addis just don’t stack up to the other brands available.


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