Swatch of the Month!

Swatch of the month is gong to be a monthly post about you guessed it, swatches. I’m excited about this series because it is fun way to share new yarns, patterns, and new stitches all wrapped into one post. 

Swatch in Preciosa Tonal Worsted Yarn
Swatch of the Month August 2017

This month we are going back to basics as far as this swatch is concerned. The swatch of the month is a simple stockinette stitch swatch knit out of KnitPicks Preciosa in the Sasquatch colorway.

Preciosa is a single ply 100% merino worsted weight yarn. It is extremely soft and squishy and I fell in love with the Sasquatch colorway for my Sophie Cardigan. Sophie is a gorgeous cabled cardigan that I plan to cast on as soon as I get my current works in progress down to a reasonable number.

When my order came in the mail I was a little apprehensive about knitting with single ply yarn. I didn’t read the description very well otherwise I would have known before the yarn arrived that it was single ply. In all honesty I had a very specific color in mind with I picked out the pattern and it was hard to find in my price range.

Working with the yarn was not as challenging as I though it was going to be. I knit this swatch on US size 3 needles and then I switched to US size 5 needles. I ended up getting gauge with the size five needles, which I was very happy about since the size 3 needles were a little too small for this yarn.

Swatch of the Month

This reddish brown cardigan is going to be a great addition to my current fall/winter wardrobe and I am really excited to see how it knits up. Stay tuned for picture of the sweater.

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