My Current Works in Progress

I, like every knitter I know, catch cast-on-itis every now and again. I’d like to think that I’ve been good about new cast ons lately but it’s all relative. Here is a list of my active WIPs and their current status. Hopefully, this post will help me get my behind in gear and free some needles.

1) The Classic Oak Cardigan


This cardigan has been on my needles the longest of all my wips. I started this cardigan in November because it was so supposed to be a wedding gift for my husband. By our wedding in January I had almost finished the first sleeve. I let the sleeve sit in my knitting basket for a couple of months before I cast on for the body.

When I cast on for the body I thought I was using a US size 7 circular needle. Turns out it was a US size 5! Luckily, my husband was in between two pattern sizes and I opted for the larger of the two sizes. The smaller needle resulted in a sweater that is going to fit him much better than I had planned. Unfortunately, this meant I had to frog the sleeve I had nearly finished.

Currently, I am less than and inch away from starting the arm hole shaping! I am so excited to be almost done with the body. I knit the cardigan all in one piece and it was almost an overwhelming amount of cables.

2) My Pull-Over


I bought this yarn with the intention of using it for the owl cardigan from a collection of Harry Potter themed knits from Interweave but when I knit my gauge swatch the yarn was so dark it was really hard to see the stitches. I knew that if I knit a pattern with as much detail as the owl cardigan I would hate myself for using such a dark yarn. So instead this yarn became a simple pull-over. I improvised the pattern, like I usually do for simple pull-overs.

Currently, I am just below where I am going to join the arms and the body and begin the yoke shaping. I haven’t started yet because I haven’t had time to knit the arms yet. It’s a bad excuse I know but it’s the truth. Hopefully, I’ll get this finished in a reasonable amount of time.

3) Birthday Socks


I started these Tuesday night and they are coming along fine. I don’t usually have a problem getting socks off the needles in a reasonable amount of time. There are are a few reasons for that. Socks don’t take very long. Compared to a sweater there are far less stitches involved. Also, a vanilla sock is super easy to carry around and knit while multitasking so my vanilla sock generally see more regular action than my other wips.

For this sock I am using my normal vanilla sock recipe. It’s a man sock so I used 64 stitches instead of 60 on a US size 1 needle. The yarn is turning my needles blue so I will definitely have to wash them before I gift them to get all the runniness out.

4) My Treccia Hat


I am super excited about this hat. First of all, I have NEVER knit myself a hat before! I’ve knit a ton of hats for other people but never for myself. I also love the Treccia pattern by Michele Wang. AND this hat is knit of Voolenvine yarn!!! I love Kristen’s podcast and her hand dyed yarn is gorgeous. I’ve been trying to get my hands on a skein for ages and I finally managed to get one during her shop update a couple of weeks ago.

The hat is looking a bit stretched out because I accidentally ordered a 24″ circ instead of a 16″. I don’t know how exactly it happened my brain is just turning to mush.

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