Create a Sock Recipe: Part 3- Toe-up vs. Cuff-down

One of the many decisions you will have to make when knitting your socks is whether you want to knit them toe-up or cuff-down. For me there is no clear winner here. Both methods are equally easy and each have their pros and cons.

I will say that I usually knit my socks cuff down. I have two reasons for this and they both are mainly aesthetics.

  1.  1. I really don’t like the way Jenny’s supper stretchy bind off looks and I have yet to find a bind off that looks better but is still stretchy enough for the tops of socks.
  2. 2. I like to knit a heel flat and gusset with my socks and while it is possible to do toe up I prefer the look and fit when they are knit cuff down.

Toe-up socks allow you to knit a sock that is pretty customize able in regards to size. Since you can try the sock on as you go it is pretty easy to create a sock that is exactly the right length. Another advantage to knitting toe-up socks it that there is no yarn chicken. In other words because you knit the important part of the sock first you don’t need to worry about leaving enough yarn to knit the foot. If you are someone who does not like scrap yarn laying around knitting socks toe-up might be the way to go since you can knit the leg until you run out of yarn.

Cuff-down socks are my personal favorite. I think cuff-down socks fit my feet better than toe-up socks do. I also really don’t like the way Jenny’s Super Stretchy Bind-off looks. Sorry Jenny, but I don’t find your bind-off aesthetically pleasing. Also, I think Jenny’s bind-off is a little too stretchy and does not hug my leg the way I would like. Maybe there’s a stretchy bind-off out there that doesn’t look bad but I have yet to find it.

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