Why I Make Time for Knitting When I Don’t Have the Any

Like any hobby I knit because it’s relaxing and I enjoy it, the finished objects are nice but they are really just a byproduct for me. When I get really busy with school or work or both it can be hard to find the time to knit and work on my projects. Sure, there are days where the unfinished sweaters and socks feel like one more thing on my to-do list but those days are far and few between.

Most days I would much rather sit and knit than face my term papers or the endless stream job applications. But for me knitting is so much more than another way to procrastinate. A few rows of knitting in the middle of a hectic day can mean the difference between feeling busy and feeling swamped.

When I take time out of my day to knit and relax I return to my tasks refreshed and ready to get stuff done. Do I pay for that knitting time?  Maybe, taking a knitting break sometimes means dinner is on the table at Seven instead of Six. But how big of a price is that? Am I going to remember next month what time we ate dinner? No. Am I going to remember if I was stressed out of my mind with school work? Absolutely.

It comes down to priorities. When life gets hectic I have to decide if my sanity is more important than hunkering down and getting things done more quickly. There are definitely times when meeting a deadline means sacrificing a little bit of my sanity but most of the time there is nothing to gain by wrapping up at five instead of six.

Will this change next year when I am working in an office environment? Probably, but for now I am going to save myself the headache by making time for myself.

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