Knitting Socks on dpns

From what I gather knitting socks on dpns seems to be the tried and true, old fashion method of knitting socks. That’s not to say that there is something inherently bad or outdated with knitting socks on dpns. For many knitters dpns are their sock knitting go to needle choice.

If I were knitting a sock and I had to pick between a 9 in circ and dpns I would go for the dpns every time. I just find knitting on dpns to be more enjoyable than knitting with a 9 in circ, particularly because dpns are a lot easier on my joints.

I feel the most effective way to evaluate the different needle types is to compare and contrast them. So here is my list of pros and cons of dpns compared to the other sock knitting needle options.



1) Less Tangles

When knitting socks with dpns there are no cables to tangle with your yarn, like there is with magic loop.If you’re someone who is on the go and throwing their knitting in their bag a lot this is probably very appealing.

2) Easy on the Joints

I find knitting on 9 in circs to be hard on my fingers and wrists but dpn knitting is a breeze in this regard.


1) Dpns are Heavier than Magic Loop

I find that dpns are noticeably heavier than magic loop. If  you are someone with sensitive hands your might find dpns a little more taxing than magic loop because of the added weight.

2) Odd Pattern Breaks

Because the stitches are split onto three and sometimes four needles this can lead to some odd pattern breaks. If you’re knitting a sock loaded with cables than you might want to opt for a different needle choice.

3) Laddering

I mentioned in my post about magic loop that I don’t think laddering is that big of a deal since it blocks out.

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