Washing Socks

One of the challenges of knitting garments is washing them. Sure you need to wash a hand knit scarf or a shawl but a lot less often than a hand knit sock or sweater. So much time goes in to hand knit garments that washing them can be a little nerve wracking. So today’s post is all about how I wash my hand knit socks.


Today I used a little castile soap on my socks because my wool wash is MIA. All of these socks are knit out of super wash fibers, which means technically I could have thrown them in the washing machine and the fiber isn’t as sensitive as a non super wash fiber. If your socks or other knit garments are not made from a super wash fiber I would advise against using castile soap.

Once I have all my dirty socks together I grab a bowl and normally some no rise wool wash. I fill the bowl with tepid water.With non super wash fibers the temperature of the water is important. You don’t want to shock your fiber with really hot water because this can lead to felting.

I usually let my socks soak for about 20 minutes. I always set a timer because otherwise my socks would be sitting in that bowl for hours.


If you are using a wool wash you won’t have to rinse you socks but since I was using castile soap I made sure to rinse them in the sink when I was done soaking them.


After rinsing I squeezed out the excess water and hung them to dry. Get as much of the water out of the socks as you can. You do want to be careful and not ring out your socks because this can damage them. I put a towel under my drying rack to protect the floor because it’s hard to all the water out by hand and I find my socks sometimes drip a tiny bit.



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