Sock Repairs

Does your beloved pair of socks have a hole in them? Today I am going to show you how I fix holes in sock heels. This is my improvised sock patching method. I know there are other methods out there that may or may not be similar to the way I patch socks.

This is a sock that I knit for a friend and as you can see they have been well loved. I wanted to patch up the hole and reinforce the stitches around it. I also wanted the patch to look neat because I was repairing the sock for a friend.



So the first thing I did was pick up the stitches above the hole. I wanted to make sure that the patch was going to b strong enough to withstand some wear so I made sure it was a couple stitches wider than the hole.


Next I added the working yarn by knitting across the stitches I picked up. I carried the tail with the working yarn to make sure everything was secure. I worked two rows, knitting on the right side purling the wrong side.

To attach the patch to the sock I picked up a stitch at the beginning of each row and worked it together with the first patch stitch, knitting the right side and purling the wrong side.

I worked back and forth in this manner until the patch covered the hole plus a few rows for good measure.

To attach the bottom edge of the patch I did a traditional bind-off (knit one, pass previous stitch over the second stitch) but each time I knit a stitch I picked up one of the heel stitches and knit them together. When I was finished I wove in the ends like I normally would.


The finished product is a visible but discrete patch that should hold up for some years to come.

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