Knitting Socks on 9 in Circular Needles


I love knitting socks and I always have a pair on the needles. Recently, I’ve been switching up how I knit socks in an attempt to find a faster way… so I can knit more socks.

This week I’m testing out 9″ circs and so far I have to say I am not impressed. I originally wanted to knit an entire pair of socks on my 9″ circ so I could give the method an honest review but I think I am going to have to settle for just one sock. This 9″ circ is just not working for me.

First the Pros of 9″ circs

  1. One Needle Wonder

I can’t be the only person that loses one of their dpns part way through a project. If you were to dissect my couch I am sure you would find a fair number of dpns that have been swallowed up over the years. With 9″ circs there is only one needle to keep track of and it is attached to the project the whole time. If your 9″ circ goes M.I.A. part way through a sock finding it will be the least of your issues.

2. No Laddering

With a 9″ circ there is no laddering up the side of the sock. For me this is only sort of a pro to this method because the laddering doesn’t really bother me. Also, any laddering that results from knitting socks on magic loop or dpns is going to block out anyway. But if laddering is a bigger deal for you than maybe 9″ circs are for you.

3. No Odd Pattern Breaks

With 9″ circs there are no weird pattern breaks that sometimes happen when you knit on dpns. While this is a pro of 9″ circs, it’s also a pro of magic loop.

Now the Cons

  1. There’s Nothing to Grip

I found that with 9″ circs the needle portion is so short that I didn’t have anything solid to hold on to. I had to hold the cable and my knitting, which I really didn’t like.

2. Stitch Dropping Minefield

Again, 9″ circs are short which makes it REALLY easy for stitches to slip off the ends. Be prepared to live and die by your needle end caps or carry a crochet hook so you can pick up the dropped stitches. It seemed like every time I put the sock down stitches were slipping off the ends.

3. Not Enough Room

I feel like all of my problems stem from how short 9″ circs are. When knitting my socks there was not enough room to move and work the stitches. The cable was just not long enough for me.

4. Stress to Joints

Knitting on a 9″ circ put a lot of stress on my fingers and wrists. My hands and wrists would ache after just a little bit of knitting.

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